best predator callHunting predator such as coyote is an art to master for today’s hunter. Coyotes so called the predators are extremely skittish animals which are clever and decisive; can pose a danger to you.

As a predator hunter, it is your responsibility to be cautious and use your call properly for a clean kill.

Having the best predator decoy may seem enough for coyote hunting, but you can maximize the results by combining the best predator calls and best coyote call.

Many people particularly traditional hunters have raised concerns about recorded best electronic predator calls to draw in predators of different kinds.

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Introduction: Best Predator Call Models

The growth of predator E-calls are on the rise thanks to its remote control ability that can even puzzle the toughest of coyotes.

If you are asking on your own which is the best electronic predator call to buy well, search no further you had arrived at the right post which explains everything you need to know regarding this topic.

Our review on top 5 best predator call for the money can come handy for your quest on finding the best.

Ability to personalize sounds and sequences are real programmability criteria that are essential for any predator hunt regardless of the intensity.

One of the best programmable predator calls for hunters is the FoxPro distress calls that decisive even the top coyotes.

Apart from the finest predator call, a good hunter should also have the best predator hunting lights, best predator rifle, best predator caliber, best predator call app, and the best predator mouth call in their kit.

However, this article is about the electronic predator calls reviews. It helps you to find out what is the best electronic predator call to buy out there.

You can find the detailed reviews of the five top programmable best predator call models available these days.

Benefits of The Programmable Electronic Predator Call

Mouth calls are used by some hunters that are designed from a combination of materials. This calling method has been productive for expertise hunters plus the old, and sloppy coyotes or predators of an older era.

However, having the edge over present predators require more than a recorded sound yes you heard it right it requires perfect execution.

Hand-calling techniques are proven to work better but demand apt hunter skill which unfortunately not everyone has. However, game call such as Electronic predator call reviews offers more versatility and freedom of sound options.

Johnny Stewart Predator calls and Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator call are two popular e-calls which share the common advantages such as: Can store many different types of calls like distress and mating calls of predators to make them unaware of the trap you have set up.

While manual calls and hand-held models can benefit you, they can blow away the cover and expose you in the event of extreme weather condition such as heavy rain or the wind. E-calls, on the other hand, are particularly designed to cope with this problematic situation and survive against all the odds of nature.

Programmability of the calls plays a significant role in determining the value of predator call reviews in general because it provides a mix of call sequences. Yelps, low-frequency howls, and distress are three basic aspects of today’s e-calls because it caters for a more agile way of hunting.

Our below predator call reviews can come useful for you to decide between various models out there also turns hunting any wild turkey or coyote that much easier like never before.



best electronic predator callMany predator hunters rate ICOtec GC500 as one of the best when it comes to calls for coyotes. The sound library capacity of over 200 with programmable feature makes it top-class not to mention 24 built-in calls that you get by default.

Be it bobcat, bear, wolf, fox or coyote this caller got everything in one unit to make you triumph in the hunt. Not only for coyote but it makes way for several another predator calling which makes it a flexible unit to watch out. From snow geese to whitetails to whatever it is this model is for you.

The best part of the product is the ability to combine multiple sounds of prey animals to attract in sneaky coyotes. It is what we call a hybrid call which combines both to produce results making it hard indeed for coyotes to recognize and react quickly.

Some yards from which it can be operated are a big bonus making you be hidden when luring in predators all the way to their set up trap. Normally, they say coyotes feel nervous despite their adaptable nature so if you use the best electronic predator call, it will shot down the chance of them running away from you.

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Primos Alpha DoggPrimos Alpha Dogg caller is no surprise addition the list following its impressive ratings from hunters. You get 2GB memory that is right which is more than enough to store over 1000 sounds, and the best part is you get to have 75 calls by default.

The complete audio coverage provided by the external speaker is impressive making it the best in business. Regardless of where you are hunting from you can expect minimum 200 yards range remote control ability with this gadget.

Auxiliary jacks make it more appealing for operating your personal calls via the interface of USB. It is particularly designed for hunting coyotes, and as mentioned earlier you get to own 75 unique calls by standard, and you have the freedom to change sound sequences depending on your hunting ground. In this way, you can mix up your approach trying to be unpredictable and be smart at plan execution.

The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Caller is rated and reviewed by many hunters online. The programmability feature plays a massive role in Coyote luring because it tends to confuse them which is the real call. From best coyote pup yips to distress calls this piece of equipment got everything you need at your fingertip. That should do it to bring in a skittish coyote close to your trap.

Normally in a hand-held unit, you cannot program the best predator calls, but this gadget allows you because it comes from the top brand on the market.

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FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Electronic Predator Call

Foxpro ShockwaveNo best coyote call could be complete without mentioning the Shockwave model which has four-speaker horn unit for the ideal sound setting. The noise it produces is very loud indeed plus comes with external jacks for your convenience.

By default, you get around 100 FoxPro sounds built-in but using the programmable feature you can increase it to the 1k amount which is more than enough for your hunting needs. The user-friendly full-color screen display is a big advantage for browsing through different options of the device with ease.

It also features some other exciting prospects of callers from barometers to temperature sensing unit. Not to forget Shockwave product comes with FOXMOTION system which is patented that delivers the ability to change the direction of sound played which you cannot find in alternative options.

Storing and playing multiple sounds is something which you may find in nearly all calls but what about having a record of past call hunt? Yes, this device does that too. It makes you predict a hunting pattern and execute according to that shortly.

Of course, it is one of the top electronic game call reviews without a doubt but not affordable by any means. Having said that, you should consider it as a long-term investment than buying some cheap model and ruining your chance of success ratio.

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Primos Dogg CatcherEverybody likes reviewing the Primos Turbo caller because it is also an electronic programmable call out there with default 36 built-in calls. With the library of game and predator calls, you can store around 500 calls to be precise and play it via the moving speaker.

Decoy switches, remote control range, ability to change sound sequences are special characteristics of this model which can decisive your hunt. Some of these are only exclusive to this product but not found in similar caliber models.

The portability and form factor plays a vital role in increasing your likelihood of perfect hunting. The hunting or sound sequences included within this model range around nearly 20 minutes which is more than enough for a perfect coyote calling.

The calls get to include in this model comes from the likes of Randy Andersen and a team of Primos, so there is no shortage for perfect coyote calling with these best predator calls.

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ICOTEC GC350Though late to the party yet it comes pretty close to being called the best predator call on the market. It suits any hunter regardless of their experience or skill level.

It is proven to attract in various types of wildlife predators so be careful of threat and be on your toes. Make yourself comfortable and safe before using this call because it is extremely powerful in luring in predators of many kinds. This call lets you focus on the hunt rather than worrying about the call itself.

You get to have 24 calls pre-installed plus 300-yard range remote control ability which is excellent. Wildlife Technologies company also provides built-in audios as a bonus. An additional Wildlife Technologies company and decoy activator are two things that make this model one a kind among its competitors.

We will have no hesitation recommending this for good electronic predator call review if you are serious about coyote hunting.

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Choosing the best predator calls will be turned much easier after reading this electronic predator call reviews. We have personally tested each of the model reviewed here so you can confidentiality buy any one of these. All these models excel in various factors such as flexibility, ease of use, extra functions, and so on.

We would pick the Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator call as our top pick apart from other models. Although, there are newer models like ICOtec GC500 we yet believe Primos one have slight competitor advantage. With said that, we conclude our best predator call reviews and leave the decision up to you.

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